Double Hit Games
Based in Curitiba, Brazil

Release date:
Aug 2016

iPhone, iPad
Android, Tablet


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Goofy Monsters is a beautiful puzzle sokoban game set in the world of Goofyland, a home of adorable little creatures. The game is played from a top-down perspective and unlike other sokoban games the player must fit monsters in their particular places, instead of boxes. Also there is no character to control, the player must move the monsters directly using swipe.


  • Epic puzzle game to sharpen your mind
  • 100 challenging levels
  • Friendly monsters to collect and play with
  • Exciting themes with different mechanics
  • Beautiful and adorable graphics
  • Soundtrack that fits perfectly into the game
  • Fun for the whole family!


Goofy Monsters - Trailer YouTube

Awards & Recognition

    • "BIG Festival: BIG Booth." 2016

    About Double Hit Games

    Double Hit Games is a small game studio located in Curitiba, Brazil. Founded in 2015, whose main goal is to create high-quality games, always focusing on details and player experiences as well as aiming that every player feels happy, optimistic and less stressed while playing it's games.

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    Goofy Monsters Credits

    Angelo Parodi
    Designer, Artist, Founder

    Henrique Faitta
    Designer, Artist, Founder

    Pedro Costa
    Lead Programmer

    Victor Oliveira
    Programmer, Freelancer

    Victor Oda
    Programmer, Freelancer

    Alysson Guedim
    Music, Sound Design, Freelancer

    Victor Barros
    Music, Sound Design, Freelancer

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